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Are you ready to move beyond merely coping with stress, anxiety, and discomfort that persist in your personal, social, and work life?

Discover a transformative approach that goes beyond traditional methods, guiding you towards uncovering and resolving the underlying causes of your challenges. Experience profound shifts in your emotional well-being and find lasting resolution to your challenges.
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Regain control over your emotional well-being and find lasting resolution through EFT coaching

Stress and anxiety hinder your mind and body from functioning optimally, including the ability to think clearly and make good decisions.


When you experience stress and anxiety that is recurring despite your efforts to cope with or manage your situation, often it is because there is a root cause to your emotional reactions that is not being addressed and resolved. This, combined with the impact of stress and anxiety on clear thinking and decision making, leads to being stuck in a continual cycle of stress and anxiety.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are a transformative mind-body therapeutic approach that is clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. By combining the power of multiple therapeutic techniques, including mindfulness, relaxation, and counterconditioning, EFT transforms and rewires your automatic emotional reaction to an experience so that it no longer feels challenging. When EFT is paired with skillful coaching, the coaching guides you on a journey of self-discovery and healing, helping you to uncover and resolve the root causes of your emotional challenges rather than solely addressing the symptoms. This empowers you to regain control over your emotional well-being and gain lasting resolution to stress and anxiety.


In-Person Sessions

Meet in person at my office in downtown Brunswick, Maine, 

30 minutes north of Portland

Online Sessions

Enjoy the convenience of meeting online from your home or other location

Group Classes

Group classes are offered to the general public and other health and wellness providers

Meet Akiyo Kodera

Certified EFT Coach

I know firsthand what it's like to be stuck with recurring stress and anxiety, no matter how hard you try to find ways to cope with and manage your situation. 


Having moved through and come out on the other side, I offer a gentle, collaborative approach to help others navigate and work through their emotional challenges so they can break free from stress and anxiety.

Image of Akiyo Kodera in her office

What My Clients Say

"I had the privilege of collaborating with Akiyo for six weeks, during which our primary focus was addressing some significant trauma I had endured over the previous eighteen months. Akiyo swiftly identified my most pressing needs and equipped me with a remarkably potent tool that I can utilize whenever necessary to alleviate anxiety and self-doubt. Akiyo's profound insight, compassionate demeanor, and clinical expertise fostered a secure environment in which I felt entirely at ease sharing and addressing the issues I needed to tackle. I continue to use this technique regularly and have found it incredibly effective in providing instant relief to my nervous system."

Laura B.


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