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Image of a woman by Dingzeyu Li
Women no longer have to live with ongoing stress and worry in their daily life.
Experience a way to shift your emotional responses to challenging situations and gain clarity and confidence to create a life that aligns with what you truly want.
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Living In Clarity can help with stress and worry from:

Family Relationships

  • Challenges with your parents, siblings, relatives, spouse/partner, or children 


  • Interactions with supervisors, coworkers, customers, and clients

  • Demanding or unfulfilling work

  • Making changes in your career or business


  • Chronic or new health conditions

  • Making changes with your diet, exercise, or other self-care practices

Discover a new way of being through EFT tapping and coaching

Ongoing stress and worry hinder your mind and body from functioning optimally, including the ability to think clearly and make good decisions to live a healthy, happy life. 


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) — commonly referred to as tapping — is a mind-body therapeutic approach that has been clinically shown to reduce stress and anxiety. By combining the power of mindfulness and relaxation, EFT shifts your emotional response to a difficult experience so that it no longer feels challenging. 

Through EFT and coaching, you can reduce your stress and worry in your daily life. In doing so, you'll gain back the ability to think clearly, make decisions, and take action to create changes in your relationships, work, or health so you can live in alignment with what you want. 


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In-Person Sessions

Meet in person at my office in downtown Brunswick, Maine, 

30 minutes north of Portland

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Online Sessions

Enjoy the convenience of meeting online from your home or other location

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Group Classes

Group classes teaching basic tapping as stress management and motivation tools are offered to the general public and other health and wellness providers

Meet Akiyo Kodera

Certified EFT Tapping Coach

So often in my practice, I find caring, sensitive women who are struggling in their personal or work life because consciously or unconsciously, they have focused on making others happy while setting their own needs and desires aside.


I combine EFT with a gentle, collaborative approach to empower women to bring back a focus on themselves so they can live a happy, productive life. 

Image of Akiyo Kodera in her office

What My Clients Say

"I was experiencing extreme low mood after changing careers and becoming self-employed. I was anxious about having a social media presence, I had some social anxiety, and I felt inauthentic and doubtful about my new role. After only 5 sessions I've had a total shift! I've created more social media posts, I'm attending local events and have started hosting a fortnightly get together for teens. I'm amazed by the change I've experienced in such little time. The fears are no longer holding me back."

Ummyra H.


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