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About Akiyo Kodera

Certified EFT Tapping Coach

Always having a desire to help people, I had a long career working in the nonprofit, health research, and academic fields, but nothing seemed to satisfy me. In my late 30s, my dissatisfaction with my career coincided with challenges with my family, health, and identity — all which I could no longer ignore. 


I decided to make a commitment to change my situation and to seek out the resources and tools to make a positive and productive change.


It was then that I was introduced to EFT, which began my journey of transformation. I experienced changes in myself and in my life I never could have imagined.

My mission is to help other women not only with the experiences that are troubling them in life, but ultimately to help them live the kind of life they truly want.

I am based in Brunswick, Maine, but work with clients from around the world. I grew up in the U.S. and Japan, and speak English and Japanese.

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