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About Akiyo Kodera

Certified EFT Coach

Always having a desire to help people, I had a long career working in the nonprofit, health research, and academic fields. In my late 30s, as I struggled with how to move forward in my career, I was simultaneously overcome with recurring stress and anxiety from challenges in my personal and social life. Not long after, I began to experience physical health problems, which I intuitively knew were tied to my stress and anxiety. It all became too much to ignore. 

I first tried multiple ways to relieve my stress and anxiety, but the effects were always short-lived. I realized that I needed to face my challenges head on to truly make a productive change.


It was then that I was introduced to EFT, which began an unexpected journey of healing and transformation. Not only did my stress and anxiety go away, I experienced changes in myself and in my life I never could have imagined. I understood the profound impact that our emotional challenges and their root causes have on our mind, body, and how we live our life each day.​


Now, my focus is to empower others in finding resolution to their challenges so they can break free of their stress and anxiety.

I am based in Brunswick, Maine, but work with clients from around the world. I grew up in the U.S. and Japan, and speak English and Japanese.


Education and Training

  • BS in Communication Studies, New York University

  • Post-bacc in Psychology, Hunter College, City University of New York

  • EFT International Accredited Certification, EFT Tapping Training Institute

  • Certification in Reiki I, II, and II-Advanced, The John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing

  • Specialized training in EFT for physical issues, trauma-informed methods, and Matrix Reimprinting

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