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What Makes
Living In Clarity Different

You work towards solving your challenges instead of simply coping with them

While there are different styles of tapping, I'm certified in the clinical method of EFT that has been shown to be effective in research studies. Clinical EFT focuses on thoroughly shifting your emotional response to a specific, challenging experience so that you no longer feel stress or other unpleasant emotions. If you're tired of coping with discomfort, stress, or anxiousness in your life that never seem to go away and maybe has even felt like they're just part of life you have to deal with, EFT helps you solve those challenges so you no longer have to cope with them.

You gain the ability to make changes that you want to make, but feel held back from making them

Sometimes we know intellectually that we can feel, think, or act differently, but we just can't get ourselves to do it because we're not fully on board emotionally. Because EFT works on an emotional and physical level, if you feel uncomfortable with moving forward and making change, EFT helps you overcome those hurdles. 

You gain your own insights and wisdom

Nothing is more powerful than the insights and wisdom you gain from yourself. In our work, you gain your own insights about your specific experiences and integrate them into your life — in ways that books, articles, videos, podcasts, etc. from teachers just aren't able.

We work collaboratively as partners

My philosophy as a coach is based on my belief that we each have our own journey. My role is to support you in whichever way you'd like to take in our work by listening, gently guiding, and holding a safe, non-judgmental space. I honor and respect your experiences, and being self-empowered is an important part of our work together.

More About EFT

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are a mind-body stress reduction method used to transform unpleasant emotions, negative thoughts, and unhelpful behavior patterns and beliefs. The method is based on the traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture and involves tapping on acupressure points on the body while thinking about an uncomfortable experience or challenge. By shifting the energy within the body and bringing it to a state of calm, EFT shifts the way you respond to an experience so that it no longer feels aggravating and you can view it from a more neutral perspective.

Clinical EFT has been shown through numerous studies to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety and alleviating a range of other psychological and physiological conditions.* A study in 2020 showed that a 60-minute EFT session led to a 43% decrease in cortisol, the hormone that is released in the body in response to stress.

While Clinical EFT is a set of different techniques that are used by a qualified EFT professional with a client, the basic EFT technique is a simple and easily learned self-help tool that can be used by both adults and children. In an EFT session, you'll learn this technique so you can use it on your own.


*Please note that I am not a licensed health care professional, and EFT is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment. Should you have a medical or mental health condition, please consult a licensed healthcare professional.

Other Techniques: Matrix Reimprinting

Our work together may or may not include the use of Matrix Reimprinting depending on the specific challenge being addressed. Matrix Reimprinting is a technique that uses EFT to transform limiting beliefs that developed as a result of past experiences. Matrix Reimprinting is a gentle technique that allows one to revisit these experiences indirectly. By revisiting these experiences, clients often discover what has been the root cause(s) of a limiting belief such as low self-worth, feeling responsible for others' emotions, or any other beliefs that hold them back from their full potential.

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